Behind the scenes at Corrigan Sports

If you’ve run a race before, or are getting ready to run one of the Baltimore Running Festival races, do you wonder how the whole thing goes off without a hitch? After all, there’s a TON of preparation and hard work that goes into an event with 26,000 people. Corrigan Sports has nailed the process–the company handles everything from conception to fruition.

To get a sneak peak at how a company of 20 staff members pulls off a major event like the Baltimore Running Festival, follow along with president Lee Corrigan as he takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at company headquarters:

So there you have it–soup to nuts sports event management. Corrigan Sports offers you big-city event value with a hometown, personal touch. This is a team that is invested in what it does, and it shows on race day.

If you’ve enjoyed a Corrigan Sports event in the past, what do you find puts it over the top? What questions do you have for Lee and the gang? 


  1. I’ve run the Oakland Running Festival each year and the biggest thing for me is how it feels like a community event. It feels as if it is part of the city, rather than a run through the city. It has an “oakland feel” if that makes any kind of sense. There are runs that happen IN a city and there are runs that happen WITH the city…. ORF is successful because it is part of the community.

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